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Admission in B. A. Pass Course for the Session 2018-19 will be started from 22nd June 2018

  General Rules & Regulations :

  1. Attendance recorded numerically at class lectures must not fall below 75%.
  2. Students only having requisite percentage of attendance are to appear in college and University examination.
  3. Promotion to the next higher class will be strictly on the basis of obtaining the requisite pass marks in the college examinations determined obtaining      the requisite pass marks in the college examinations determined by the academic council and having requisite percentage of attendance as will be       notified by the college authorities from time to time.
  4. Students are liable to be expelled for misbehavior and / or for adopting unfair means in examinations.
  5. Students must come to the college with identity card which they would have to produce on demand to the college authorities.
  6. Students must clear all their college dues before commencement of their college examinations each year.
  7. No student will be allowed to take up Honours in a subject unless he / she satisfy the University rules.
  8. Students migrating from other Boards / Universities must contact the college office to regularize the admission.
  9. The medium of instruction is Bengali and English.
10. Parents and Guardians are requested to co-operate with the college authorities.
      a) By urging their wards to be regular in classes.
      b) By asking their wards to appear at the college examination.
      c) By paying the college dues in time i.e. monthly.
11. The department of Geography organizes compulsory educational field tour as a part of curriculum. The tour involves expenses which are to be borne       by the students.
12. Production of a medical certificate may not be considered for promotion to the next higher class or sending him/her for University Examination.
13. Students should participate in all college functions and extracurricular activities.
14. Students are not allowed to use the college telephone except under emergencies, when the principal's permission will be necessary.
15. Students are required to look up at the Notice board every working day for all necessary information.
16. Students requiring certificates, documents etc. must submit applications at least five working days before the date, on which students require the same.
17. Change of combinations in the first year degree classes may be allowed as per the regulations of University of Kalyani, on payment of requisite fee,       provided seats are available.
18. Classes are held from 10:30 A.M to 4:15 P.M. A few honours and general classes are held from 10 A.M.
19. There shall be annual exam and test exam for 1st & 2nd year students respectively. Sometimes Half Yearly, Pre test, Class tests may by held and       students for promotion to next higher yr. students should secure a certain percentage of marks as determined by the academic Council.

Discipline :

1. Students are responsible for good conduct in class.
2. Students should not loiter or indulge in disorderly conduct in the college campus & library.
3. The reputation of the college depends mainly on the discipline of the students. Breach of discipline by any student will be reported to his/her guardian &     may result in expulsion from the college.
4. If a student is continuously absent in attending lectures or practical classes for a considerable period of time or his/her attendance is very irregular, then     absence or irregularity would be reported.
5. Without the permission of the teacher the students must not leave or enter the class. Students must be polite & helpful the guests of the college.
6. Students should help in keeping the college clear & not deface the wall of the college building by spitting and writing slogans or pasting posters.

Information On Short Percentage Of Attendance :

In order to be eligible for being sent up for a University Examination a student must fulfill the provision of University regulations regarding attendance at lectures & practical classes.

1. No student shall be considered to have prosecuted a regular course of study in any subject for any examination unless he/she attended at least 75% of     the lectures delivered. Shortage in attendance of practical classes will not be considered.
2. A File of Rs. 100/- is charged by the University from each student having short percentage (above 60% but below 75%) of attendance.